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Unwithering Paint 2 by TuefelHundenIV Unwithering Paint 2 :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 1 Unwithering Rose Paint by TuefelHundenIV Unwithering Rose Paint :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 1 1
In the dark recess flitting about like a lazy fire fly.
A thought of words burns brightly flaring bright quietly.
Motes of ideas drift in the recesses of thoughtful halls.
Sounds of empty mindless things through the bastion calls.
The Silver sliver glints in the daylight of the opened door.
A smith glances at his handiwork and wistfully wishes for more.
An echo of the last themes of persistence finally fade.
They are the graves of thoughts, dreams, and memories unmade.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 1 2
A Young Warrior by TuefelHundenIV A Young Warrior :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 26
Flash of Dark
            The eye of fire.
Sees through to the inner soul.
        Revealing the dark.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 2
Humanis ex Machina by TuefelHundenIV Humanis ex Machina :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 4
Voice of the Machine
From the souls dark depths.
I wait for the machine voice
I receive silence
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 4
A Soldier's Song
Come dawning of the morning light.
When the column of hero’s marches into sight.
We shall break into a song, a song, the soldier’s song.
When the boys and husbands come home after so long.
After the war is gone and done they shall all march home.
All of them marching to the piper’s cheery drone.
They will be striking out their marching tune.
Marching in the daylight when it is bright and sunny noon.
The banners of the company held upright and proudly.
Their voices and the cheers rise in the sky loudly
Their feet shall move with a joy filled precision.
The men and boys need no more ammunition.
Proudly they march each one back to his own home.
Tonight not a single one shall have to sleep alone.
The heroes have come marching along.
Break out into a song, a song, a soldier's song.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 0
The Regiment
A man sits in a tavern alone with a deep stare.
A tankard in his hand tipped back in a creeky chair.
There is a dark and meaningful gleem to his eyes.
So would say the look means everday he crawls into the ale and dies.
That part is not true he is not even close to dead.
There in his play a thousand whirling images in his head.
Hes a old soldier who remembers the battles and wars well.
The many fields of death, trenches of strife, up to the very fortress of hell.
He drinks not to die and to be lost but to mask his pain.
He drinks to remember, he drinks forget, the only way to stay sane.
The scars of body, mind and soul tell of many battles old.
His body remembers the days of lusty youth when he was still fresh and bold.
It was not the mess of battles and war that scarred him but just one fateful day.
If you buy him a ale he might just say what terrible price he and his friends had to pay.
The memory rises in his face like a freshly dug grave already with a marker above it.
As he takes
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 6
Like an Old Tiger by TuefelHundenIV Like an Old Tiger :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 2 6 The Edge by TuefelHundenIV The Edge :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 1
Writers Block
The words like rasping icy air in my throat scream their silence.
They echo against the walls of obsidian nothing in the air.
Walls of unmoving God made steel block my mind's eye from space.
Words of power and thought pound bloody fists against a mirror of knives.
Echoes of freedom ring to the touch of a memory tinkling like polished gems.
Chinks in baleful binding armor crush ideas into an iron clad limitation.
Specs and motes trace iridescent beams of hope into the gleaming cracks.
Hopefully dreams like water can erode the walls and flood onto paper mirroring the soul.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 1 4
The Unwithering Rose ReSubmit by TuefelHundenIV The Unwithering Rose ReSubmit :icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 11
Deus Ex Machina
In the distance, rolling sounds like heavy thunder.
Metal beasts tread on feet of steel and rubber.
Men turned machines with glass for their eyes.
Their booted feet crushing the earth into mud the color of rust.
Long metal arms send demons to rend and sunder.
The beast's snouts roar and their victims blubber.
The metal clad men screaming and shouting war cries.
The bullets and screaming, demonic, shells turning buildings to dust.
The roiling earth swallows all who fall and blunder.
The beasts cry in anger while broken men cry for mother.
The armored men's blood keeps spilling and never dries.
The helms of soldiers ring with lethal ammo and bust.
The sound has died for those who are buried under.
Many with their last breaths vainly called out for another.
The men who fell twist and writhe as each in turn dies.
Blood and war raged with a lethal machines lust.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 6
The deaf man hears.
The seeing man is blind.
The joyous man sheds tears.
The axe has a stone to grind.
The villain wins the day.
The choir is sung by the chord.
The godly priests don’t pray.
The scabbard is sheathed by the sword.
The day is the brightest of black.
The night is as dark as the sun.
Return from never coming back.
The legless man stands to run.
The razor’s edge cuts like dull.
The cup drinks the water.
Cows are birthed by the bull.
The son is the daughter.
Black is what is white.
The dead live in the grave.
What is wrong is right.
Only the damned are saved.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 2 7
Anthem of the Doomed
What sound is that ghastly noise!?
Nothing but another hollow death rattle.
Stand down from your rifle's poise.
The guns are silent from the battle.
Our bullets and theirs did their work well.
The guns added their terrible anger.
Flying shells and rounds making a hell.
For all left there; death is no stranger.
No joyful singing of the bell's toll.
Just the priest's cold calling tone.
No hope, dreams, nor youthful goal.
The young man has become grave bleached bone.
:icontuefelhundeniv:TuefelHundenIV 0 4

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The Guard
United States
Current Residence: The Front Line of Life
Favourite genre of music: Like I said depends on my mood.
Favourite photographer: Any of the time life war corospondents.
Favourite style of art: what
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Whatever I need
Shell of choice: huh
Wallpaper of choice: Infra Red Landscape Photos
Skin of choice: whatever
Favourite cartoon character: Gats the Berserker
Personal Quote: The strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack."
Added some pics to my scrap book that I found lying around.


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